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Solutions for Flexible and Secure Data Transfers

Secured Data Integration For Tax Professionals

Take Care of Your Clients While We Take Care of Your Data

As one of the leading tax e-filing service providers, TaxLogics helps tax professionals improve their current workflow by securely integrating data-handling methods to simplify the way tax returns are prepared and transmitted.

Easily Integrate Your Data Into TaxLogics

Bulk Upload
Bulk Upload

Conveniently upload Excel or CSV files with client data using TaxLogics secured Bulk Upload feature.

API Interface
API Interface

Collect client data using TaxLogics comprehensive software.

Custom Programming
Custom Programming

Migrate client data from the client’s existing system with little to no manual work.

Manual Entry
Manual Entry

Enter client data using TaxLogics interview-style process.

Secure Data Handling

  • Preview Imported Data
    Preview Imported Data
  • Built-in Error Check
    Built-in Error Check
  • Filter Errors
    Filter Errors
  • Review and Approve
    Review and Approve
  • Record Keeping
    Record Keeping

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